We build geospatial web applications

with 20 years geospatial experience, we build spatial web applications such our own Golfgis and Indrz

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a cloud platform for golf greenkeeping teams around the world, with Golfgis you get an up to date map of your course and all the data associated with every square meter. We attach information to your greens, fairways and bunkers so you can focus on the job.

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an indoor mapping solution that allows users to find any room, book, lecture hall, anything located indoors. User can route to and share any location, no apps needed.

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Professional maps bundeld with course intelligence

Greenkeeping teams can make faster, better decisions freeing up time for detailed work to make you course stand out.


Indrz Wayfinding

Simply add location to your rooms, books or lecture halls. You name it we can map it and route your users there. Check out indrz.com for details.



Use our extensive geospatial knowledge to start you off to a running start for your project.

Project Management

If you need help implementing and managing a GIS or web gis application then use our 20 years experience in GIS

Web Development

Build your next generation application with tested geospatial technologies.


Customized training for general GIS technologies, QGIS, Geoserver, Postgresl and PostGIS.


Learn how to import, clean, structure, style and build web applications using OSM data.


Simply need advice or guidance, we can get you up to speed in record time. Consulting will have you covered.

Open Source

We build our applications using open source technologies such as Django, Geoserver, Openlayers, Python, Go, Postgresql, PostGIS, PgRouting

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